Tor Exit Relay and Access Point at I/M/D

Tor protects freedom of expression and privacy of users worldwide.

To get direct access through the anonymity network connect to the wifi:


with the password:


This device hosts a Tor Exit Relay and Tor Access Point.
The Tor Access Point creates a new wifi connection named "alt.exit" from which the students, teachers, staff and anyone else visiting the academy can enjoy anonymous access to internet.
The Tor Exit Relay helps the Tor network donating a bandwidth of 2MB/s.

The device runs an exit relay server that contributes to the security and diversity of users of the Tor Network worldwide. To further empower the anonymity of the users of the access point, it merges their traffic with the traffic of the external users of the Tor Network.

The device is composed of a large-range double wifi antenna and a Raspberry Pi B+, which is encased in a transparent box adapted to host a 4.3 TFT screen that visualizes the traffic passing through the relay. The transparent box aims to expose as much as possible what the device is doing, deviating from the typical aesthetics of the “black box”.

We aim to bring awareness within the student community about the relevance of privacy, security and anonymity in the digital realm, and help providing the necessary tools for this cause.

Open Letter to Universities about Online Privacy

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